What is Research, Development and Engineering (RD&E) Management?

2 Mar 2017 Sandeep Mehta

As we have discussed in the past, different organizations include different processes and disciplines in Research and Development. We at InspiRD have started using Research, Development and Engineering (RD&E) as a generic term that includes technology development, product development and sustaining engineering.

Integrated management of RD&E can provide immense benefits to organizations…

RD&E Management or (R&D Management) can link diverse processes and disciplines involved in getting products to market.

  • Business strategy
  • Marketing and product management
  • Advanced R&D and technology development
  • Portfolio Management
  • Program Management
  • Engineering: Design, task execution, requirements management
  • Staffing and skill-set management
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturability
  • Quality: Risk assessment and testing

Connected process can reduce the need for redundant inputs across processes and reduce process escapes. Connected processes make it much easier to make optimal management decisions:

  • Business strategy needs to change. How can we change our project portfolio?
  • A new market opportunity appeared. How can we best address it?
  • Customer needs changed. How expensive will it be to change our projects?
  • A break through technology has been developed. How should we engage customers?
  • We face unforeseen technological challenge on a critical product. How can we use find staffing without disrupting the entire portfolio?
  • Marketing needs to change requirements. What risks will the change introduce? What testing will we need to redo?
  • Many more…

An integrated tool like InspiRD can facilitate this connection, enabling organizations to deliver more innovation while reducing administrative overhead.

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