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Development of innovative new products and technologies is critical to most organizations:

  • 6-month improvement in time to market yields a profit improvement of 22%
  • 1% improvement in innovation output translates to a 33% increase in valuation

Please read on to learn how Inspird’s award winning software helps organizations effectively plan, execute and manage development. Inspird accelerates  innovation regardless of the development method: Lean, Agile, Waterfall, or LEAD.

Inspird helps accelerate the implementation of Digital Engineering and streamline management of Digital Engineering Ecosystems.

Inspird Suite: Modular Applications for Innovation Management

Structure, Capture and Visualize R&D Information

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Reviews, Metrics and Dashboards to Manage R&D

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Digital Safety Approvals and Product Certifications

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Inspird Organize

Inspird Organize captures and links projects, requirements, risks, tests and tasks. Inspird builds an integrated innovation database

Full set of features that capture, organize, and link all R&D information:
  • Unified access to all R&D information
  • Build long-term multi-phase project plans
  • Link projects and subprojects across programs
  • Link projects, requirements, risks, tests and tasks
  • Automatic change notifications across all teams
  • Automatic PowerPoint report and roadmap generation
  • Integrated workflow and approvals across all teams
  • Unprecedented benefits:
  • Enhanced coordination and collaboration
  • Aligned expectation and reduced disconnects
  • Accelerated innovation and faster integration
  • Minimized surprise risks and optimized testing
  • Structured knowledge-base / Digital Thread
  • Improved design reuse and configuration managment
  • Reduced admin burden and improved process enforcement
  • Simple solutions to R&D challenges:
  • Change coordination is a significant burden
  • Differing expectations about project objectives/timeline
  • Disconnected plans and wishful launch dates
  • Late or uncoordinated requirements changes
  • Unexpected risks and surprise issues
  • Disconnected test plans and expensive testing
  • High administrative and process enforcement costs
  • Learn more about how Inspird can enhance portfolio visiblity and drive See how Inspird can drive or Find out how Inspird Organize can

    Inspird Manage

    InspiRD Manage automates project reporting and reviews while providing dashboards to enhance management:

    Simplify portfolio prioritization and project management:
  • Live dashboards to guide projects and portfolios
  • Address full life-cycle resource needs
  • Address cross-product interdependencies
  • Access historical trends to support decision-making
  • Use novel analytics: e.g., trade features for schedule
  • Conduct virutal reviews and build are review database
  • Accelerate implementation of Agile development
  • Unprecedented benefits:
  • Orchestrate cross-functional innovation
  • Lead complex activities spanning multiple locations
  • Optimize the R&D portfolio over long-term
  • Synchronize development of interdependent projects
  • Identify and accelerate cross-product synergies
  • Eliminate duplicative efforts and development slack
  • Identify variances early and develop mitigation plans
  • Simple solutions for project and portfolio management challenges:
  • Hard to align portfolio with business strategy
  • Difficulty gauging long-term impact of decisions
  • Difficulty estimating cascading effects of decisions
  • Difficulty accelerating strategic thrusts
  • Large costs of synthesizing data
  • Reporting distracts from execution
  • Porous gates and variable process enforcement
  • See how Inspird Manage can optimize Download an overview of how Inspird can Find out how Inspird can on development teams. Or learn how Inspird can drive

    Inspird Certify

    Inspird Certify is a revolutionary application that accelerates regulatory approvals and product certifications.

    Practical and cost-effective software to accelerate certifications:
  • Unified, inutitive GUI to find all info
  • Cutting-edge frameworks to digitize and capture info
  • Automatic change notifications across teams
  • Integrated reviews and granular approvals
  • Live dashboard and novel metrics
  • Adaptive processes and configuration control
  • Automated reports and submission generation
  • Automated reports and submission generation
  • Unprecedented benefits:
  • Accelerate productline extensions and modifications
  • Transform certification for document-centric to digital
  • Build an authoritative database index of all info
  • Improve efficiency of reviews and capture feedback
  • Enables digital and model-based certifications
  • Minimize schedule and cost overruns using live dashboards
  • Improve planning accuracy using a knowledgebase
  • Effective solutions to certification challenges:
  • Data scattered across locations & file types
  • Hours of manual effort to find and aggregate data
  • Large uncertainty in planning and estimating efforts
  • Difficulty managing and guiding certification efforts
  • Costs of certification prevent product upgrades
  • Certification effort exacerbate supply issues
  • Difficulty supporting analytical or model-based tools
  • Learn how Inspird Certify can implement certifications. See how Inspird can accelerate Findout how Inspird can automate

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