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Inspird helps you get to market faster with winning products:

  • Fast development cycles
  • Decreased costs
  • Reduced surprise risks
  • Increased experimentation
  • Improved design reuse

Inspird provides a suite software tools to enhance complex product development. We also provide a comprehensive set of services to help you accelerate innovation.

Please scroll down for details of a new framework – Lead Agile Development (LEAD) – that brings agile development to complex hardware or cyber-physical products.

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Unified Lean and Agile Development for Hardware, Software & Technologies

Agile methods offer fast sprints and customer-validated learning to accelerate development. However, efforts to apply software-focused agile techniques to hardware are often frustrated by extended build and test cycles. Regulatory compliance creates an additional impediment to agile deployment.

Inspird’s Lean Agile Design (LEAD) brings the best of Agile and Lean software development methodologies to complex products:

LEAD enhances agility while maintaining management control and compliance with regulations.

a PDF overview of LEAD. how LEAD improves on other development methods.

Build-Test Iterations Optimized for Hardware, Software & Techologies

Hardware’s long development cycles make it hard to implement timed iterations of traditional agile. Organizations often struggle to decide the right sprint schedules. Hardware’s expensive testing and complex interdependencies make it impractical to have alternate build-test cycles.

LEAD brings the best of Agile software development methodologies to complex products:

  • Maturity-aligned Iterations replace traditional phases and tailor iterations for each product
  • Iterative Product Integration in each iteration synchronizes development cycles
  • Sprints, V or waterfall dev within any iteration allow balance between agility and rigor

LEAD enhances agility while maintaining management control and compliance with regulations.

a PDF with details of LEAD iterations. You can leverage research done by NASA and the DoD on deigning iterations that fit your organization. Inspird provides cost-effective services to optimize iterations for your organization.

Maturity-driven Lean Processes for Hardware, Software & Tech Development

Lean software development helps teams focus on innovation rather than administration. However, efforts to apply software-focused lean techniques to hardware are often frustrated by extended build-test cycles.

LEAD brings lean principles to complex products, enabling early experimentation and enforcing discipline when necessary:

  • Intuitive maturity-controlled gates with standardized deliverables, test results and decision criteria
  • Efficient maturity-triggered processes are modulated with level of funding and time-to-market
  • Maturity-driven change management – the least mature element determines product maturity

Clear expectations and lean processes accelerate innovation while maintaining management control.

a PDF overview of LEAD lean processes. Please browse our blog for pointers on how you can design maturity-based processes in your organization. Inspird provides comprehensive services to deploy lean processes in your organization.

Reduced Admin and Improved Management for Hardware, Software and Tech

Automated tools streamline software development, accelerate build-test iterations, reduce administrative overhead and improve design reuse.  Development complexity, long cycles, and multiple engineering disciplines prevent similar automation in hardware.

LEAD provides structures, methods and tools to automate hardware DevOps:

  • Hierarchical Design Library structures multi-disciplinary dev info for easy access and aggregation
  • LEAD disciplined iterations and library hierarchy enable Intuitive Metrics and Dashboards
  • Overall structured approach enables Integration of Modern DevOps tools reducing admin

LEAD discipline and automation accelerates innovation delivery.

a PDF overview of how LEAD can accelerate learning. We are actively developing new digital engineering approaches to accelerate learning in complex products.

Inspird Tools simplify LEAD implementation

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