Impact of the Corporate Mind-set on New Product Launch

9 Oct 2010 Sandeep Mehta

Here is an article that discusses the impact of the corporate mind-set on new product launch and its subsequent  market performance. (Katrin Talke. 2010; Journal of Product Innovation Management). The article divides corporate mindsets into three types: analytical, risk-taking, and aggressive posture.  Also, the product launch is boiled down to three decisions: Set launch objectives, Select target markets and position the product in the new market.Not sure how there are orthogonal or independent of each other, but lets play along for a minute.

A research model with mediating effects is proposed, where the corporate mind-set determines the launch strategy decisions, which in turn impact market performance. The model is tested with data on 113 industrial new products launched in business-to-business markets in Germany using a multiple informant approach. 

The results show that of course, the corporate mindset has a strong impact on launch decisions.  Analytical firms focus on all three launch objectives, risk taking firms focus on the first two and aggressive firms just go…

It is found that while an analytical posture relates to all three strategic launch decisions, risk taking and an aggressive posture have a significant impact on two, respectively one, launch strategy elements. 

So you know as much as I do…

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