How to keep your top talent

17 Jul 2010 Sandeep Mehta

Here is what the pointy haired boss suggests:

Here are three ways to keep the top talentfrom the corporate executive board:

  1. Get to know the top talent
  2. Don’t mistake current level of performance with future potential
  3. Differentially reward top talent

Here is a bonus also from CEB – things to keep in mind for motivating your teams:

His core aim is to clearly communicate a consistent vision and then drive accountability for executing it. He’s done this by avoiding five dysfunctions on his staff that aligns well with Lencioni’s work. Lencioni’s five dysfunctions are: 1. Absence of trust 2. Fear of conflict 3. Lack of commitment 4. Avoidance of accountability 5. Inattention to results

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