BCG Innovation Study

9 Jun 2010 Sandeep Mehta

The management consulting firm BCG has a very informative annual Innovation survey.  The results of the sixth survey were published recently.  The study provides very informative results and may help with benchmarking your organization.

The fraction of executives being satisfied with the return on their R&D investment went up from 43% in 2008 to 52% in 2009.  I wonder what has caused the change. May be because the budgets have been cut enough to drive the return or the executives are working harder to drive focus

Another interesting result is that everyone believes that innovation should be measured rigorously and less than 50% of the organizations actually do so. I have found that measuring innovation requires defining what is innovation.  Many of the companies I have worked with have no clear definition of what is innovation and how it is different from R&D in general.
What is your experience?

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