Get to Market Faster with Winning Products

Development of innovative new products and technologies is critical to most organizations:

  • 6-month improvement in time to market yields a profit improvement of 22%
  • 1% improvement in innovation output translates to a 33% increase in valuation

InspiRD’s award winning software helps organizations effectively plan, execute and manage development. Accelerating  innovation regardless of whether you use Agile, Waterfall, or LEAD.

InspiRD Suite: Modular Applications for Innovation Management

Portfolio Management and Roadmap Generation

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Integrated Requirements, Risks, Tests and Tasks

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Reports, Reviews and Dashboards

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Strategic Staffing Management

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InspiRD Execute

InspiRD Execute integrates requirements, risks, tests and tasks, to bring agility to all innovation:

Full set of features that enhance execution:
  • Rapid access to all dev info
  • Capture and manage project risks (FMEA)
  • Link testing to requirements and risks
  • Tie task plans to requirements and risks
  • Efficient coordination across the entire dev team
  • Simple configuration for process automation
  • Unprecedented benefits:
  • Automated change coordination
  • Minimized surprise risks
  • Optimized testing
  • Automated structured knowledge-base
  • Optimized process enforcement
  • Improved design reuse
  • Download a PDF of how InspiRD can or . Or a case study on Execute implementation.

    InspiRD Manage

    InspiRD Manage automates project reporting and reviews while providing dashboards to enhance management:

    Full set of features that simplify program management:
  • Portal to monitor changes across locations
  • Live dashboards to guide project performance
  • Advanced analytics e.g. trade features for schedule
  • Virtual database-driven project reviews
  • Automatic PowerPoint report generation
  • Support for Agile frameworks as Kanban
  • Unprecedented benefits:
  • Accelerated change management
  • Fewer, more effective reviews
  • Dashboards to aid decision-making
  • Simple analytics with scenarios
  • Transparent decisions
  • Comprehensive traceability and accountability
  • Download an overview of how InspiRD Manage can a PDF overview of how InspiRD Manage can enhance program management. Or how Manage can simplify design controls.

    InspiRD Portfolio

    InspiRD simplifies portfolio planning and prioritization in multi-location teams.

    Full set of features that enhance portfolio planning and management:
  • Simple access to complex portfolios
  • Link plans and track cross-product reuse
  • Automatically synthesize full life-cycle costs
  • Strategically prioritize complex portfolios
  • Analyze future impact of each prioritization
  • Generate product, tech & market roadmaps
  • Unprecedented benefits:
  • Enhanced visibility across locations
  • Synchronized dev cycles across disciplines
  • Strategically optimized portfolios
  • Aligned expectation and reduced disconnects
  • Reduced planning and roadmapping costs
  • Accelerated innovation integration
  • a PDF overview of how InspiRD can help you optimize your innovation portfolios. Or learn how InspiRD can and .

    InspiRD Skills

    InspiRD’s Skills Alignment solution provides unique, easy-to-use tools to align staffing with an ever changing product mix.

    Full set of features that enhance skill-set management:
  • Synthesize long-term staffing needs
  • Analyze planned vs. actual performance
  • Develop action plans to address imbalances
  • Evaluate individual and team performance
  • Automatically generate time-sheets
  • Unprecedented benefits:
  • Stable, prioritized resource allocation
  • Long-term resource visibility & optimization
  • Focused and motivated teams
  • Disciplined processes, stages and gates
  • Reduced admin overhead
  • an overview of how InspiRD can reduce administrative burden and help your teams focus on innovation. See how InspiRD can help you better align diverse disciplines such as marketing and engineering.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can InspiRD software be deployed within our intranet (behind our firewall)?

    Yes. The software is designed to be deployed inside a firewall or on the cloud.

    For an on-premise deployment, your organization needs to provide industry standard JAVA application server (such as Tomcat, JBOSS etc) and a database server. InspiRD supports multiple industry standard databases including Oracle and MySQL. Please contact us to learn more.

    Is a cloud version available?

    Yes. A cloud based SAAS is available. We leverage Redhat Openshift cloud platform.

    Does the InspiRD client run in a browser?

    Yes. All users can access InspiRD tools through a browser. No client software needs to be delpoyed - reducing costs and enhancing security.

    Can the software be configured for our processes or will customization be required?

    Configuration. InspiRD provides a full graphical administration console to control and configure our software suite. This powerful and flexible tool can be used to make our solutions adapt to any culture or processes. Removing the need for custom software development reduces your upfront costs and minimizes upgrade costs.

    Do you support data import and export?

    Yes. Users are able to export data to Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.).

    Bulk data import and export is possible using industry standard formats such as XML and JSON.

    Can InspiRD tools integrate with other tools (PLM, Project management, etc.) we use currently?

    Yes. InspiRD provides a full API to support integration. You can either work with your other tool vendors to use our APIs and build interfaces. Or InspiRD can build interfaces for you. Please contact us to learn more.

    Can InspiRD support regulatory reporting such as DoT DTIC submissions or DHF?

    Yes. A full XML and MS Office export capability is integrated to produce custom reports and data submissions.  Please contact us to learn more.

    Do InspiRD tools support a workflow?

    InspiRD tools are built around a very flexible workflow that will satisfy needs of most organizations. Our tools automatically track interdependencies between elements and use them to notify all impacted team memberes of changes that impact them. As relationships are added or modified between elements (projects, requirements, risks, tests etc), the notifications change automatically.

    A fully configurable workflow is in development and will be delivered in Q2 2017.

    Are changes tracked in InspiRD tools?

    Each change is captured in the database and is accessible to any user with required permissions.

    Can we control access to individual elements in the database?

    Yes. You can control read or write permission to EVERY element. Access can be controlled for individual users or for groups of users. A full UI is provided to build and maintain user groups.

    What measures has InspiRD taken to ensure information security?

    InspiRD takes information security very seriously. We have architected the server around information security. The entire server code is written in java and leverages Spring Security. There is no client to deploy and no data is stored on client machines, reducing potential security exposure.

    It is possible to leverage your organization's Active Directory or LDAP to verify credentials before access. If deployed in your intranet, your firewall automatically protects all information. For cloud deployment, we leverage Redhat's security infrastructure. We continuously test our code for vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and perform penetration testing. Our software has successfully completed a full DoD source code security audit.