Accelerate Innovation Delivery

Increasing complexity and global competition demands a new approach to managing Research, Development & Engineering (RD&E): How you spend is more important than how much.
InspiRD’s award winning software helps organizations get to market faster with winning products.
Address challenges to developing products and technologies:
  • Get broad visibility into development plans
  • Increase cross-product design reuse
  • Reduce duplication and wasted effort
  • Respond rapidly to changing markets
  • Minimize surprise risks and schedule overruns
  • Integrated RD&E Management from Concept to Delivery:
  • Single Database for ALL RD&E information
  • Secure access to information across locations
  • Same intuitive UI and single data entry across processes
  • Automated change notifications and detailed design history
  • Automated report generation, reviews and dashboards
  • Enhanced performance along every metric:
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Improved design reuse and cross-product synergy
  • Reduced duplication and wasted development effort
  • Improved cost and schedule predictability
  • Reduced administrative and reporting burden